Some interesting sites, links and other stuff.


Exploring Arizona’s Wild Areas – I refer to this book all the time when looking for interesting wilderness areas in Arizona. I like the layout, just enough information without being a mile-by-mile trail guide.

Steep Trails – John Muir. Not his best book – published posthumously – but I liked the title.  Any of his books are worth reading and are recommended.

Best Short Hikes in Washington’s North Cascades and San Juan Islands, Best Short Hikes in Washington’s South Cascades & Olympics – Written by my grandfather. He introduced me to the outdoors and I went on many of the iterations of the described hikes in theses books over the years.

A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert – excellent introduction to the Sonoran Desert.


Libre Map Project – because you can’t beat free Topos.


A nurses first aid kit for the wilderness – Some good information about wilderness safety and first aid. – Good information about US wilderness areas. – Simple plug for my website design company.

Marc Sterling – Northwest hiking partner that I occasionally drag along to places most people wouldn’t attempt. Excellent photographer.